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Pei Qian suddenly thought of a problem and stopped her. “The passing rate of the Tengda Spirit test has been at 100%!r(MISSING)ecently. Do you have any views on this?”

Pei Qian had long been suspicious of this.

However, he could not think of a good explanation.

Logically speaking, the Tengda Spirit test was meant to be difficult. How could 100%!o(MISSING)f people pass it?

Yet, the reality was that majority of newbies had passed the test on their first try. The worst among them had passed the test within a month. None of them had been eliminated.

That was strange.

Hao Yun was stunned. She quickly said, “Perhaps... everyone has a deeper understanding of the Tengda Spirit? After all, the atmosphere in the company subtly influences these new employees.”

Pei Qian nodded subtly.

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There was indeed such a possibility.

“Alright, there’s nothing else for now,” said Pei Qian.

Hao Yun heaved a long sigh of relief and turned to leave.

Once again, Pei Qian accessed the Tengda Spirit test’s platform and took a good look at the questions that had been changed many times before.

Actually, Pei Qian changed those questions often. Sometimes, he would change keywords of a question, and cause the answers to change. Other times, he would simply come up with new questions.

However, no matter what, the new employees would always pass the test.

Pei Qian had secretly checked on the employees who were in charge of these functions many times. Indeed, there was no possibility of any questions leaking.

Therefore, it was more likely that the employees truly understood the Tengda Spirit and passed the test based on their own ability.

Then, therein lay a problem: If the employees understood the Tengda Spirit and prided themselves in being lazy, why was he still earning money?