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“Wait, isn’t your score somehow… lower than expected?”

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Astute as ever, Nanase immediately noticed that a certain something was out of place before I could even get into the thick of it.

“What do you mean?”

I responded to her question with one of my own, testing her. She began counting on her fingers as she ran the calculations in her head.

“There are Arrival Bonuses, Early Bird Bonuses, and Tasks… then subtracting points for any penalties─ Ah, I’m also assuming that you took first place in the Tasks you took part in while I was taking a break.”

All things considered, her memory seemed quite solid.

This was a good thing too, as a solid memory would probably prove useful for her at some point in the future.

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“I’m surprised you noticed. Properly speaking, I should have 88 points right now.”

“But you only have 78, 10 points less. I don’t think I forgot a penalty or something either…”

Thus, it begged the question: how, when, and why did those 10 points disappear? The answer to which I would now elaborate.

“For this special exam, designated areas are announced four times per day as students move throughout the island. This time window lasts for ten hours per day, from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Yesterday, when the school lifted the restriction on the GPS searching feature, I decided to do a total of ten searches. The first was at 7:00 AM and I repeated it every hour on the hour until 5:00 PM. That is, with the exception of the break at noon.”

As for why I had done this, it didn’t seem like Nanase had connected the dots just yet.

“The GPS searching feature is an extremely convenient tool that allows you to find out the location of every student on the island. However, if used only a single time, you’d just get a glimpse at everyone’s current location, so its overall usefulness is marginal. But by splitting up the day into parts and doing ten of them, you’re able to find out all sorts of things that you couldn’t before.”

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By connecting all the different dots into lines, you’d be left with the various routes that everyone had taken throughout the day. If someone else were to run ten searches of their own, they’d learn that Nanase and I were always traveling together.

“Uhm, I already understand what you used your points on, Senpai. And I agree that if you know where everyone’s moving on an hourly basis, you might be able to find out which Tables they belong to. However, it didn’t seem like you were doing very much with your tablet yesterday, and it’s not very easy information to memorize either… Are you… Are you really telling me that you memorized everything in an instant?”

“That’d be impossible. It’d take an enormous amount of time just to check everyone’s name and location.”