Is there really making money online?

Is there really making money online?

“Yeah, but…”

Uehara-kun scratched the back of his head, a bit embarrassed.

“I might have said this before, Aguri and I were like friends. Even if we go out on a date, it’s not like what you see on TV or in movies, we would often call our friends as well.”

“Wow, that’s totally a normie thing to do.”

“Why do you hate normies so much? Don’t just treat boys and girls who play together as villains!”

“I didn’t treat them as villains. Uehara-kun, but you should be careful when you guys are heading to a beach with sharks during times like Friday the 13th.”

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“What are you worrying about? It’s not like I will get murdered or anything. You are dead wrong if you think that all normies will end up badly!”

“This world doesn’t make the least bit of sense to me at all…”

“This still makes more sense than a world where you will be sawed or eaten by sharks for having a good time!”

“If I am dating the legendary Tendou-san, I need to have a more dramatic backstory like being an otaku that is bullied by Uehara-kun to maintain perfect balance. As all things should be.”

“You know you don’t need to perfectly balance your fortune and misfortune. Why does half of your view towards reality is coming from fictional stories? That’s a whole new level of edginess!”

I beamed a charming smile at Uehara-kun.

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“A common highschool boy got in a word with a cute girl, and then develops into a relationship…”

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“Damn, you are really like a protagonist from romantic comedies!”