Is it true that the advertisement with WeChat is real?

Is it true that the advertisement with WeChat is real?

Saying that, she turned her back to me, content with simply being recognized as the White Room student.

“What are you thinking, Amasawa?”

“Jeez~ Didn’t I tell you already~? I admire you, Ayanokōji-senpai. That’s all.”

Looking back, she reached out and brushed the tips of her fingers, wet and cold from the rain, up against my cheek.

“So please, don’t go and get yourself crushed without my permission, okay?”

And with that, she pulled back her hand and walked away, headed off to who knows where.

She said ‘don’t go and get yourself crushed’… but by whom? Tsukishiro? The first-years who had their sights set on the twenty million private point bounty? Or, perhaps…

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“Ayanokōji-senpai, are you alright? She didn’t do anything to you right?”

Having noticed Amasawa’s departure, Nanase rushed back over to me, worried. I nodded along to try and ease her concerns before looking over toward my backpack.

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“The rain. We’d better hurry.”

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I wanted to take some time to process everything, but there were other things that took priority at the moment.

“Yes! We should set up the tents, right?”