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Not long after, a middle-aged man in his forties walked out briskly.

“Boss Li! Please come in.”

This middle-aged man was called Che Rong, the boss of the Star Bird Fitness.

Che Rong led the way eagerly. He brought Li Shi to the VIP room in the gym and personally made tea for him.

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“Boss Li, what brings you here today? Let me know the next time you come so that I can entertain you in advance.”

Li Shi smiled. “Boss Che, you don’t have to be so polite. I suddenly thought of something today and came over to take a look.”

“About the investment you wanted... I thought about it and decided to invest.”

Che Rong looked pleasantly surprised. “Really? Boss Li, thank you so much!”

Li Shi raised his hand. “Don’t thank me yet. I have conditions.”

Che Rong quickly nodded. “Go ahead.”

Li Shi sipped his tea and considered where to start.

Star Bird Fitness was a chain gym in Jingzhou. There were more than a dozen shops but it did not make it into the top ten in Handong Province in terms of scale, market share, and reputation, not to mention in the country.