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Hirata’s daunting words caused her voice to waver just a little.

That was just how much intensity his voice carried.

“This discussion has been a mistake.”

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“If so, then what in the world should we be doing? It’s not like you have any ideas. You haven’t been doing anything this entire time.”

“…So what?”

“…So what? I’m saying it’s a problem. You haven’t been making a proper assessment of the situation.”

“Shut up…”

“No, I won’t shut up. I-”

“Horikita… just shut your mouth already.”

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Hirata spoke sharply, coldly interrupting her. His words were far heavier than anything we had ever heard him say before.

It felt as though the air within the classroom had frozen over.

“Listen up, everyone.”

Hirata’s tone had changed as he addressed the class, making him seem like a different person entirely.

“It doesn’t matter at all whether everything that’s been said so far is true or not.”

“…It wasn’t! She was definitely lying, Hirata! I’m just a victim here!”

Yamauchi clamored to Hirata, having been forced into a dire situation.