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“What the hell is C class doing? Does this mean they don’t have to save points?”

We could only think that way looking at this. It exceeded the level of splurging.

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“Let’s check that out. What the hell is C class thinking doing this?“

The two of us walked in on the beach from the bushes, stepping firmly on the sand. One of the male students noticed us and called out to the boy nearby. We couldn’t see his face from here well because he leaned his body on a chair. One of the boys immediately rushed to us.

“Err, Ryuuen-san called…”

Said the male student somewhat frightened, or perhaps I should say without drives.

“Just like a king. Using classmates like this. Looks like we’re welcomed by the king. What are we going to do?“

“That’s on you to decide, Horikita.”

”Alright. I wanna know what’s going on. Let’s go.”

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We accepted and accompanied the male student. A savory smell of burned meat got into our noses as we approached the sea.

”……This is outrageous.”

I realized again how we’re not enjoying vacation even a little.