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It wasn’t that Qiao Liang was unafraid. He was just so frightened, lying in the bathtub shaking without making a sound. When it came to the project under the bed, his legs turned to jelly, and he could not get out at all. The staff helped to bring him out.

His mind went blank, spinning dizzily after coming out; and he wildly stuffed chocolate into his mouth.

Ruan Guangjian was a little strange. “Eh? No one passed the customs? Then, no one can join me on the next project?”

Everyone: “...”

Could you have more shame?!

Especially Qiao Liang, who almost fainted from anger.

Boss Pei could stand such a person and be his friend? How broad-minded must Boss Pei be!

Ruan Guangjian’s current state was like everyone was grieving because the exam was too difficult, but he came over with a 100-mark paper and said, ‘Hey, the question this time is quite simple; why did everyone fail?’

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Moreover, he did so with a very sincere tone that infuriated others even more! Of course, Qiao Liang was angry because of other reasons as well. He wondered... why was there such a big gap between everyone? Why could this person yell all the way and still pass this stage while I could only be dragged out by the staff because I was so scared?

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However, Qiao Liang suddenly had a thought when looking at Ruan Guangjian’s annoying ‘superior student expression’.

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‘You might not be afraid of ‘Haunted House Nightmare’, but... what about ‘Ultimate Horror’?’

It was written on the leaflet that the Haunted House Nightmare was on a ‘medium’ scary level. It was already so scary so the Ultimate Horror was directly marked with ‘Don’t go’; how scary would that be?