Can I recover online online?

Can I recover online online?

Distinctive facial features.

Innocent child-like features from their teenage years.

A dignified feature reminiscent of a famous sword.

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Their style is perfect, and the outfits they wear were sensational with a lot of exposure.

If it was an ordinary man were to see these three beautiful lovely women, he’d think「Ah, it’s a lovely day today」.

However – No. 18 was severely disappointed.

He had an indescribable bitter expression – as though witnessing dominoes that have been built up for many years collapsing due to a foolish mistake.

「Grovel – 〈Cajon King〉!」

「Devour, mou – 〈Grand Eater〉!」

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「Slumber in midwinter – 〈Permafrost〉!」

The『pressure』of hopelessness bore down on No.18.

In front of a spectacle, where an ordinary swordsman would faint – He messaged his prided handlebar moustache.

「I see… All three of you are soul dress users?」

No-18 widened his eyes momentarily,

「For Allen-dono, who has not yet been able to handle his oversized power… you three might have been a little too much to handle.」