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“What does multi-dimensional fusion mean? I don’t understand.”

“Why don’t you explain it?”

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Ma Yang looked squarely at Meng Chang on stage.

Two hours of speech was indeed way too long and Ma Yang listened to it intermittently. That was why he did not remember the other terms, only the term ‘multi-dimensional fusion’ left a deep impression on him.

Meng Chang was stunned again.

How could he not understand it?

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This might be a term he coined, but it shouldn’t be incomprehensible, right?

What’s more, it was already ridiculous that you didn’t understand it. How dare you say that you didn’t understand in front of so many investors? Are you trying to get me to explain again?

It looked like a very stupid question, but Meng Chang stopped underestimating him and became wary.

How could the Vice-President of Tengda, who used to be in charge of investments, be stupid?

A simple answer seemed to become extremely dangerous in an instant.

However, time was tight, and Meng Chang could not think for long.

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“Simply put, multi-dimensional fusion is the combination of ecology in multiple dimensions. It works together, producing a chemical effect similar to fusion reactions and generating huge energy.”

“In business, there is a similar model. Once you succeed, you can obtain huge... business returns.”

Since he could not figure out why Boss Ma was asking this, Meng Chang could only choose the most reliable answer.

Ma Yang was silent for two seconds. “Fusion is a physical reaction.”

Meng Chang: “?”

Ma Yang continued, “In other words, your ‘multi-dimensional fusion’ is basically a collaboration between the various departments.

Meng Chang cleared his throat a few times. “Er... if you use the most layman terms, you can understand it this way, but this understanding is not comprehensive. That’s because ‘multi-dimensional fusion’ focuses on a more macroscopic aspect and is of a higher level compared to multi-dimensional coordination and integration. The difference in levels would make the same thing become substantially different...”