Buying three minutes on the Internet is really true.

Buying three minutes on the Internet is really true.

If this was done to see my reaction, it seemed too superficial.

It wasn’t possible to affect me just by that.

“Just kidding. I have something to do right after so I’ll get straight to the point.”

Tsukishiro was quite clear about this.

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It was very obvious that he deliberately tried to provoke me.

However, it looked like he indeed had something to say.

The school and the student. No matter what, their position cannot be reversed.

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As long as I was still a student, I would not be able to rebel against him. Tsukishiro showed me this.

“How about this? Return to your father with this spring break being your last holiday.”

Tsukishiro didn’t care about the location in which we spoke, even though the contents of the conversation would be quite in depth.

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However, even if this conversation was heard by the other students, it was not a problem for him.

Although it might be bad for me, it would not cause any harm to this man.

That being said——

“You must want to just ignore me and walk away. However, you’d better not. I have my position as director to withhold. If you treat me coldly, I will change my manner to correspond to that.”

As if he was reading my thoughts, Tsukishiro smiled.

“Unfortunately for you, I have no intention to drop out of this school voluntarily.”

“Do you dread going back to the White Room that much?”