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“Well, I wanna make friends with people, but I don’t know how ta make friends.”

Coming here, I got asked a little unexpected question.

“Mr. Aka... do you want to make friends with humans?”

“Well, I do.... one person at a time.... making friends.... having fun, playing games, having them over for a meal... ah, like that.”

Aka’s eyes and words were pure, and I knew he meant it.

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And, it’s the right moment to ask, right?

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Why would Aka want to make friends with humans?

But in order to do that, I have to teach him how to make friends first.

Well, it’s not like I mind, and I don’t think it’s a big deal.

“How to make friends? You don’t have to think that way. Friends are...”

How do you make friends?

If I tell you, it’s my example.

How did I make friends once...

– Earth, I’m a princess. You’re my retainer You belong to me. You’ll always be mine!

The Princess...... I don’t call her a friend.