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“See, you’re about to lose your footing.”

“Whoa, whoa, damn, whoa, who aarrrgh”

“With this... it’s my win.

Today, I faced her head on, but ended up down on the ground.

“Mock battle over. Winner, Phianse!”

Then, as I lay on my back on the ground, I look up to the sky again right as the cheers started.

“Oooooh, it’s great. An overwhelming victory for Princess Phianse!”

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“Three years and still undefeated... will the streak stand until graduation?”

“Lady Phianse... so lovely.”

“Beautiful and Intelligent as well... truly she is a child prodigy in whose body flows the blood of His Majesty, Emperor Solja, who was said to be the strongest spearman of the Seven Heroes.

“Yeah. Earth is not weak, but he hasn’t beaten Phianse once.”

Outdoor on the exercise field! I sighed to the sound of my classmates in the open air.

In the end, I’m only hearing the same comments as usual.

“Are you alright, Earth?”


“Your magic power and sword skills have improved in such a short time. I recognize the effort. But you have yet to master it as a 【Magic Sword】 art.”

And, it sounded like something said by the winner looking down on the loser, even though it is usually taken as praise for a worthy opponent after a good match.

“As you are now, won’t you be a disappointment to your father, the hero. Earth?”

“I, I lack, the dignity, princess...”