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We fleetingly glanced at each other, and whenever our eyes met, we immediately looked away. It was an indescribable atmosphere.

Taking a look at the clock, the time was nine o’clock in the morning.

Because the start of the Keishinkai was at ten o’clock, there was no longer any room to dally.

「I-It’s about time, let’s go!」

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「Y-Yes, let’s do that!」

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Then, we went to the Ringard Palace with some fleeting tension.

After leaving the dormitory of Thousand Blade Academy, we walked for a while, and arrived at our destination surprisingly soon.

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After a brief reception at the entrance, we stepped into Ringard Palace.

And there,


A gorgeous ceremony hall spread before us. It almost looked like another world.

The venue was far larger than the gymnasium of Thousand Blade Academy.

A huge, state of the art LCD panel was attached to a pillar.

Huge statues that give off a remarkable presence in each of the four corners of the hall.