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Pei Qian quietly closed Ocean Stronghold’s comments section. Hehe, the atmosphere there seems to be quite different.

It doesn’t matter. You can continue to curse and scold. As long as you don’t continue to throw money at me before this settlement, I’ll still take you as my brothers!

February 14th, Valentine’s day. This was the day that, during my lunch break, I decided that I would deal with Hashimoto’s persistent after-school stalking sessions. I had predicted that Kei would give me Valentine’s chocolate, so I opted to take advantage of it.

If Kei were to give me chocolate, it would have to be either in the early morning or the evening after, not during the day while we were at school. As she had only just broken up with Hirata, there was no reason for her to carry chocolates around in her bag. For her, the mere act of handing chocolates to someone would be enough to cause an uproar in the first place. So, I had intentionally turned off my cell phone the night before.

The chance of her carelessly coming into contact with me was effectively zero. Still, I opted to turn the phone off anyway in order to avoid having to make an excuse about the morning being an inconvenient time. Everything had to be completely natural when we met.

For Hashimoto, the lack of results from tailing me should’ve begun to gnaw at his patience at this point.

So, I decided to give him a hint that something was going to happen.

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And that, was the secret meeting with Kei and subsequent exchange of chocolate. The reason why the meet-up was scheduled at five was because Hashimoto’s tailing sessions always lasted until just before six. And, sure enough, Hashimoto was watching, keeping tabs on me with the lobby surveillance cameras as I left the building.

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Ever since he had started tailing me, this was his first inexplicable opportunity to make contact, so he boldly confronted the two of us in person. Well, the result would’ve been the same even if he had simply sat back and watched.

Hashimoto seemed satisfied with the conclusion that Kei might have been the person I had been regularly coming into contact with.

And the day after that, Hashimoto’s stalking sessions stopped. He had shifted his attention toward preparations for the end-of-year exam.

I was finally able to move freely.

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I went to the school with the Valentine’s chocolate I had received from Kei still in my bag.

I met up with Hiyori Shiina at the library. Of course, the majority of our conversation consisted of idle chatter about various books.

However, my true focus was on something else entirely.