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「Ki-Kisama… are you invulnerable!?」

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「No, of course your attack was effective…!」

I swung my sword determinedly even while exchanging words.


On the other hand – she was forced to be on the defensive.

(Yoshi…! I have the overwhelming advantage now that the distance has been closed…!)

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(Dammit… I can’t use the bombs when he’s this close…)

〈Avio Troop〉, its ability is manipulation and explosion.

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Both are good for medium and long distance fights.

In addition, the shape of the long sword.

A long sword is a medium-ranged weapon, and at this distance, she can’t counterattack easily.

(I will finish things here!)

「Fifth Sword – World Judgment!」

As I tried to unleash a large swing, Claude-san expressed a smile.

「I’ve already prepared a countermeasure to deal with the weakness of close-combat.」

When she suddenly opened her right hand,


There was a small parakeet made of a pebble.