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This was equivalent to a simple interview. Improving the taste of cold noodles was the content of the interview. After the interview, both parties would have more confidence.

Qi Yan brought the vendors to the Cold-Faced Lady’s kitchen.

The other vendors might not be good at roasted cold noodles, but they all followed along. They wanted to see how Zhang Yahui would ‘guide’ them and what kind of job the so-called ‘Gourmet Adviser’ was in charge of.

After Qi Yan briefly explained the situation to the chef, he immediately began to make cold noodles.

Zhang Yahui and the other vendors gathered around and watched intently.

This chef had also participated in the Street Food Contest previously, so he knew Zhang Yahui and the other vendors. He felt uncomfortable performing the art of making cold noodles in front of them, but he had to follow the previous method since Qi Yan had requested it.

Zhang Yahui looked on very seriously.

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While they had both participated in the food competition and were both in the cold noodles group, both of them were busy making cold noodles at that point in time and had no time to pay attention to others. Thus, Zhang Yahui did not know how his cold noodles were made.

Now that he looked at it up close, he realized that the biggest difference between making the cold noodles that he made and the chef made was “accuracy”.

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A simple example would be that the chef would use a timer to record the time it took to cook the noodles. He would also use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the cold noodles. He would only beat the eggs and add condiments when the temperature was suitable.

Zhang Yahui relied on his experience when making his own cold noodles. However, he was more talented and had made one too many servings of cold noodles. Thus, even if he did not use these tools, the batches of cold noodles he made each time would not be too different.

Qi Yan did not pay much attention to the process of roasting cold noodles. Instead, she paid attention to the expressions of the chef and the vendors.

This chef was hired by Meng Chang with a high salary. He was a true hotel chef. He was no ordinary person even though he was not at the level of the head chef of a five-star hotel.

The Cold-Faced Lady had so much marketing expenses after all. They could easily squeeze out a little and hire a more expensive chef. Meng Chang had been advocating how good the Cold-Faced Lady’s taste was, which would not be the case if he were to find an ordinary chef to do the job.