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It seemed that her trust issues weren’t limited only to Hirata. They applied to Kushida as well.

“Still, I trust Hirata very much.”

“Ah! At least, I can count on you. You are really reliable.”

“Rely on me? Can you at least say that I have a good influence on the class because of him?”

Horikita must have had something on her mind since she came back at me with a counterattack. It probably seemed to her that I was holding information that she didn’t know and, on top of that, I kept answering her with an unfriendly smile.

“Well, Hirata is not perfect. There are times that we cannot organise things properly when boys and girls are gathering together. But don’t you think he is doing his best as a coordinator? He can do what other students can’t.”

“That’s for sure. It’s true that his act of taking on a big role without making a sour face is impressive, but this must come together with a good result. However, it’s not possible anymore. The situation looks dire already. Do you know that the points that we D Class own now are very few?”

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“It seems that there was an excessive amount of spending. I can’t estimate exactly.”

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“Just as I thought — Hirata, whom you trust so much, keeps his lips sealed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Please, follow me.”

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I wonder what it is that I should see so much that we left the fire unattended.

Where are we going?

In front of the girls’ tents.

Horikita opened the cloth on the main panel and showed the inside of the tent.


Unlike the empty boys’ tent, the girls’ tent had a completely different view because there was no space to sleep.