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Then, without looking at me, Ryuuen sat back down.

"You're free to interpret what I'm about to say in any way you like. However, from now on, don't you think it'll be boring if simple battles continue on endlessly?".

Towards me, who kept on continuing with the riddle-like questions, Ryuuen seemed frustrated but immediately replied.

"Simple battles, you say?".

"Class D beats Class C, then beats Class B and finally beats Class A. Then joyously, Horikita and the others become Class A. For a story outline, it seems like the popular, easy way out. But, what I'm saying is that we don't need to be hung up on such patterns".

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If this were a simple, adventure action picture, we may have properly struck in order of weakness. However, this is reality. There is no such thing as a sequence when it comes to battles.

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We're free to start attacking from A or B. It is not out of the question for us to join hands with C, who happens to be our enemy, as well.

"Interestingly enough, it seems starting from the 3rd semester, Class A will be attacking Class B. While the enemy's attention is focused on Class B, it's possible to take them from behind and in one stroke, collapse Class A entirely".

And this would no longer make it a pointless conversation for Ryuuen.

"How credible is this information?".

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"I don't know. I'd say it's 50-50".

I have to take into consideration the possibility that Sakayanagi may simply be bluffing.

If I'm reading this from the standpoint of her personality, nine times out of ten she'll follow through with it though.

"If this is reliable information, then it can be said to be a good chance. But, I thought you Class D guys have a non-aggression pact with Class B. It's good and all to strike at Class A but while you do that, Class B will be crushed. Ichinose cannot possibly beat Sakayanagi, you know".

"I don't care about who wins and who loses. I don't plan on getting involved".

"So you're just going to let her fall without helping?".

"If she destroys Ichinose for me, it saves me the trouble. Class D may be able to rise up to Class A without effort. And besides, if it's Sakayanagi, she may be able to expel some of them. It's about time I learned what sort of penalties will occur if an expulsion were to happen".

"There's a lot I don't like about this. You don't have any ambition to aim for the upper classes. Aren't you acting under the mentality of not wanting to stand out?".

"That is true. However, there's no inconvenience for me if my surroundings were to act on their own. If we can automatically rise up to Class A, I don't think that's a bad deal".