Thoughts on making money online

Thoughts on making money online

Some UP Masters might be introducing the Thriller Hostel experience on the Aili Island video website, and the contents were very comprehensive. However, the responses were mediocre. They were not popular; neither did they become very good publicity.

Qiao Liang could not help but complain on behalf of Boss Pei especially since one of the most exaggerated comments was: “I think the brain of the person-in-charge was fried; he probably had too much money so he’s just burning some away.”

“Misunderstanding, this is definitely a misunderstanding!

“Sure enough, being misunderstood is the fate of the one who expresses himself. How dare he say Boss Pei’s brain is fried? Think he has too much money? What a bunch of nonsense!

“Boss Pei is a business genius! Most people don’t even understand Boss Pei’s positioning and special pricing strategy?

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“It seems like it still has to be me, Teacher Qiao, who unveils the truth to everyone!”

Qiao Liang switched the website to the operating platform of Aili Island. He could not help making a fist and shouting ‘YES!’ upon seeing the words ‘Upload Completed’ on the screen.

After four days of hard work—coupled with the close cooperation with the staff of Thriller Hostel and Shang Yang Games, the new video was finally uploaded successfully!

Qiao Liang did not contact Boss Pei again during the past few days. He devoted himself to the production of the video.

Collating information from the net...

Discuss with Chen Kangtuo and the others about the construction of the Thriller Hostel...

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Repeatedly thinking about Boss Pei’s deeper meaning...

The effort paid off; Qiao Liang finally completed the video and refuted all the misunderstandings of Boss Pei on the internet. He also made a bold prediction about the future development of Thriller Hostel!

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He was filled with confidence for this video. He believed that Boss Pei would definitely be moved when he saw this video!

Finally, Qiao Liang confirmed the title of the video.

‘The Silent Expresser Issue 1: Answering the True Positioning of the Thriller Hostel in the Interactive Theme Park!’

The title of the series of videos was changed from ‘The Lonely Expresser’ to ‘The Silent Expresser’.

This change was based mainly on two reasons:

First of all, Qiao Liang felt that Boss Pei was actually not lonely. He might not be understood by the public, but Big Boss Ruan, Wu Bin, and the employees of Tengda understood Boss Pei!