Project recruitment business cooperation online

Project recruitment business cooperation online

Eric was not a good-for-nothing. He immediately understood how dangerous this was.

Perhaps the reason why Eternal Hunter delayed the release of the game was not only to avoid IOI mobile games, but also to avoid Fitness Battle!

However, what should he do next?

Delay, like what the Eternal Hunter did?

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Eric quickly dismissed the idea.

On one hand, the delay would definitely bump into Eternal Hunter. It would not be easy to deal with it. Instead, he would hand over the market for the second half of the month to the Fitness Battle. This would cause him to incur a huge loss.

On the other hand, they were at the critical juncture of the ‘515 Game Festival’. If the game was delayed, how would gamers interpret it?

Either Finger Games had admitted defeat, or Finger Games had gone back on their word and had problems with project management. They had said that they would be able to come online but then jumped ship.

Either way, it was very bad for Eric!

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After much consideration, Eric decided to follow his previous plan and not delay!

Eric would definitely not be confident if GOG’s mobile game were to clash with IOI’s mobile game.

However, one could tell at a glance that Fitness Battle was a leisure game related to fitness. It was not the Tengda Games department that was in charge of developing it; it was Shang Yang Games.

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MOBA games did not even dare to play casual games. That was too embarrassing!

What’s more, even though it was risky to go online at the same time, the benefits were huge.

If IOI’s mobile game could become popular after it was released and seize a lot of public opinion, it would be a huge piece of good news for the money-burning war that both parties were engaged in!

At that thought, Eric did not inform Zhao Xuming to postpone the game. Instead, he allowed IOI’s mobile game to be released within the week.

Qiao Liang turned on the live-stream and arrived at the Deposit Fitness near his residence.

He did not have a membership, but it did not matter. As a loyal user of Tengda, as long as he showed his OTTO cell phone, it would not be a problem to try out the smart fitness drying rack.