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Even though no one would make that misunderstanding, Amano-kun denied it with a flushed face. …As usual, he’s all over the place. But…

I looked once again at the TV monitor. The crude character selection screen was displayed.

“…One more time.”

“Eh? Oh, yea, ok!”

Changing my character this time, the fight started once again.

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…This time, I didn’t use any abilities. Without focusing on winning, I simply played the game like an idiot and let my instincts and body do the work.

…This playstyle isn’t serious at all, unlike how Kase-senpai plays against his rivals in a tournament.

“Wah, what is this!? Why is my character suddenly being eaten by a shark!? Amano-kun!?”

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“Ah, sorry, this is my character’s killer technique <Eternal Shark Blizzard>. If you use it, your opponent dies.”

“There’s a limit to how unreasonable things can be!”

“It’s ok! Look, it eats me right after! Furthermore, the shark’s the one that wins!”

“There’s a limit to how useless abilities can be!”

“Ahaha, right? But I wanted to show you this.”

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“Even if you lose after using it?”

“Yea. But it’s funny, right?”

“…Yea. That’s right. It’s really funny, Amano-kun!”