What are the online Money Gate Road?

What are the online Money Gate Road?

「Unlike him, you have a strong sense of aversion towards『killing』, don’t you?」

「Well, yes, obviously!」


I’m not like him.

I’m not a battle fanatic that finds pleasure in blood and violence.

「This is just my guess, but… he was probably trying not to stimulate your weakened consciousness.」

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「Not trying to stimulate my consciousness?」

「Aa. As long as that guy is a spirit core, he is strongly restricted by Allen. If he commited something too stimulating such as murder, it might trigger your consciousness, which was in a state of deep sleep, to be awakened. If that happens, he won’t be able to remain in the outside world for too long.」

「I see…」

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Now that I think about it, once in the world of the soul, he said something similar…

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Something about not being able to take over my body easily when I’m conscious…

「Well, one thing is for sure. He must have achieved something while he took over your body. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have returned your body so readily.」

「…What on earth did he do?」

「Unfortunately, I don’t know that either… Though, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything good…」

「…I guess.」

Then, as the discussion reached its conclusion, sensei clapped her hands.

「Well, that’s the end of the story until this point. Let’s talk about the hereafter」she said, and brought up a completely different topic.

「As you can see, Thousand Blade Academy has completely lost its function as a swordsmanship academy. There’s no way we can conduct classes in this environment.」

「…That’s right.」