How can I sell cosmetics online?

How can I sell cosmetics online?

Pei Qian opened his laptop and checked his own grades.

Yes, I just barely passed everything…

“I feel like I’ve been infected by Old Ma. Forget it. I still have to think of ways to lose money. I have no more energy to think about academics. It’s good enough that I managed to pass.”

Pei Qian comforted himself.

He was studying for a major in humanities. His examinations mainly required him to memorize huge amounts of content. Therefore, it was not difficult for him to pass even though he only put in an effort at the last minute.

Pei Qian did not want to drop out of school now.

It was not that he desired a graduation certificate. To him, the graduation certificate would be useless. However, the main problem was… he would have nothing else to do if he dropped out of school.

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These days, Pei Qian had been attending classes out of obligation. Whenever he felt lazy, he would go to his rented apartment to take a nap or play some games. It was only when the settlement was nearing that he had to keep a closer eye on the company and work hard to incur losses.

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Even if he did drop out of school, he would be cooping himself up in the rented apartment all day. There would be no huge change in his life.

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What’s more, Pei Qian did not want to expose his own identity.

Currently, many people around Pei Qianincluding a few of his classmates-knew that Pei Qian had starred in Boss Pei’s Daily Life. They took him as an internet celebrity. However, none of them were aware that he was the boss of Tengda.

Pei Qian had three main worries.

First, he was worried about his parents.

Second, he was worried that if his classmates found out he was a boss, their relationship with him would become a mess. Then, Pei Qian could expect people to approach him for jobs or money every day. That would be extremely annoying

Third, although Pei Qian was a boss, the amount of money he could actually use in his Personal Wealth was too little. He was afraid that people who hated the rich or who were extremely hot-headed would have their eyes on him and wait for opportunities to blow small conflicts.

Pei Qian could not reveal the existence of the System. Thus, he wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble. As much as possible, he wanted to keep his identity hidden from others and minimize risks.