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But, this matter can be stopped for a while, as I’ve provided her with this much information.

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After all, the thing between Kei and me, she couldn’t just casually talk about it with anyone.

If something related to this made me unhappy and refused to cooperate, it would only hurt Matsushita as well.

The situation with Matsushita the other day, and before that, the problem with Horikita and Ichinose. As well as the establishment of a cooperative relationship with Chairman Sakayanagi, Chabashira-sensei and Mashima-sensei.

Also, the conversation with Acting Director Tsukishiro. Many things happened around me during the spring break.

First of all, I had to remain vigilant about Tsukishiro. Unlike other problems, ignoring him will only cause the situation to worsen. The next thing I know, I might be receiving a dropout notice.

Therefore, right now, the only thing I could do was to cooperate with the other teachers to try to respond to that.

That person said someone from the white room would be enrolling into this school. Although this is not something that was guaranteed to happen, the possibility was high.

Tsukishiro could not casually enter the corridors or classrooms at any time he wanted, so he could only attack me through indirect means, such as exams.

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But students on the other hand, regardless of whether it was the corridors or classrooms, they could move freely.

At any time, they can set up an environment to come into contact with me, giving them an opportunity to expel me. Also, they are more beneficial as they could collect more information.

If what was said becomes a reality, this would be considered the biggest change that happened around me.