How do kindergarten teachers make money online?

How do kindergarten teachers make money online?

Pei Qian read the bullet screen comments on Ma Yang’s live-stream using his cell phone. For a while, he was speechless.

What the f*ck...?

The situation had completely exceeded Pei Qian’s expectations. At first, he had thought that Ma Yang would just be exposing poor-quality learning equipment. Who would be interested in such content?

Never would he have expected the content of this episode to be so well-received!

On further thought, this was mainly because he had made a mistake.

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Like many viewers, Pei Qian had subconsciously thought that even if the quality of some pencils, erasers, plastic book covers, and solid glue were not as good, they could not be that bad.

However, the test results revealed that his imagination could never keep up with the decline in manufacturers’ moral standards.

It was precisely because these things seemed worthless and common that such a serious quality problem had been allowed to fester. Naturally, people felt indignant that children’s health was being put at risk!

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Pei Qian had a bad feeling about this.

From the looks of it, Old Ma’s live-stream was going to be a success!

“Could Old Ma really become an internet celebrity?

“Wouldn’t that stray too far from reality?

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“No, calm down. Things shouldn’t be that bad yet...”

After careful consideration, Pei Qian decided to wait and see.

That was because this was just the beginning. The further they went, the greater the resistance and problems would become.