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“Ayumu-san, I’m asking…did you tell him that you’re actually a girl!”


I can’t help but let out a gasp in shock. Come to think of it, I did forget to tell him that.

Ao put her hand on her forehead and hmphed sulkily to my reaction.

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“Why are you always like this…”

“What’s wrong, Ao? That isn’t a big problem, right?”

“Big problem!”

Ao yelled at the top of her lungs again, …my ears can’t take it. Yep, in contrast to my deep voice, a normal young girl’s voice is indeed really sharp.

“Indeed, you’re tall, your voice is deep, you cut your hair short, and you’re so handsome that ordinary guys can never hope to match you. Honestly, even I’m always attracted to you too.”

“I-It’s quite embarrassing to say all that.”

I scratched my head. Ao continued.

“However, at the same time, your beautiful face can be regarded as a top-tier girl as well! Are you even aware of that part?”