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“Phew, …other people’s beds are really hygienically disgusting..”


Barging into someone’s room and talking trash about the guy’s bed. She’s already a burglar.

After I showed disappointment, Main-san changed her pose on the bed. She put her elbows on the pillow and looked at me. Her legs are crossed like a photo idol. Also, her skirt is really short today. Honestly, I’m not sure where I should look. So, I can’t help but look at the snowy scenery outside. …I even prepared myself to be teased due to that virgin reaction. Unexpectedly, Main-san didn’t attack me for that. Instead, she went right into the topic.

“Hey, Amako. I heard you’re…giving an ending to your love on White Day?”

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“…Yeah, I guess so.”

I avoided her glance and answered. Indeed, today- I’m giving a conclusion to my love.

Well, it’s just giving Tendou-san and Chiaki answers as we’ve promised before.

Of course, I already made a promise to them. I also prepared the gifts for White Day too. So, I’m supposed to make preparations here before meeting them individually.

After I got home, I anxiously opened the door, and yet- the demon king is there.

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Anyway, I’m pretty anxious right now because I still have things to do. However, Main-san doesn’t seem to end the conversation. She continued while lying on my bed.

“The conclusion means giving presents to the weird girls that gave you honmei chocolate. You’re going to decide their fate, right?”

“…Why the hell do I have to tell you?”

I can finally look at Main-san’s eyes. …It’s fine if she’s just going to mess with me. Those kinds of looks- that despise someone that has feelings for me are upsetting.

Perhaps Main-san understood what I meant. She immediately sat upright and apologized.

“Indeed, even though I was joking, it’s probably really impolite to Karen Tendou and Chiaki Hoshinomori. Forgive me.”

“…It’s fine as long as you can understand.”

I can’t help but avoid her eyes again. …This part of her is really cunning. She’ll throw her logic at you violently. Yet, she’ll immediately admit her mistakes and apologize. That’s why there’s no way I can be genuinely mad at her.