How to pick up the website online

How to pick up the website online

Zhang Yuan’s expression froze.


Pei Qian felt even better as he looked at Zhang Yuan’s confused expression. Haha, you didn’t see this coming, did you?!

All of you used to fill my mind with question marks all the time before. Now, it’s my turn to do the same to you! Are you surprised? Are you shocked?

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Actually, Pei Qian had already thought about this before. He had just set the trap without realizing it. Still, seeing Zhang Yuan fall for his trap so naively looked humorous in a dark way.

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Would esports be that popular in the future?

Pei Qian thought that the MOBA games would become the most popular. While FPS games were not bad, they probably would not do that well in China.

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If everything developed mechanically based on Pei Qian’s memory, esports would be dominated by games like IOI and Gods Rising in the future. Other projects would lag far behind.

However, everything could be different in the parallel world. Thus, Pei Qian could not be sure how things would develop.

Take IOI for example. Although it looked like LOL, there were also many differences between the two games. For instance, the worlds in IOI and LOL were different, and so were the gameplay, the timeline, and other details.

The butterfly effect was terrifying. Often, the slightest misstep made a world of difference.

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. Gods Rising was not as good as DOTA to begin with, and there was still no news that it would be made into an independent online game. Pei Qian guessed that that would not happen any time soon.

Something had gone wrong somewhere. IOI was much worse than what he remembered of LOL, and both the gameplay and Finger Games’ concept design were problematic.

On the other hand, his own GOG was rising rapidly to success in the local market as if it was on steroids. Pei Qian was bewildered. If this carried on, Pei Qian guessed that Gods Rising would be in the most dangerous position. Until now, it was not a complete and independent online game with a good matching mechanism. Of course, it could not match up to GOG and IOI. In the end, either IOI or GOG would be used for esports. What was interesting was that both of those games belonged to Tengda! There was no need to elaborate on GOG. Tengda had developed it and was now managing it.

On the other hand, Tengda was in charge of IOI’s operations because Dream Realization Ventures and Shang Yang Games were subsidiaries of Tengda Games.

In the world of esports, the organizers of competitions could not form teams to participate in the same competitions. That would be like dropping soil onto one’s pants: no matter how much they tried, things would not be clarified well.