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“I don’t dislike your honesty, but unfortunately I am not.”

Although he had answered the question, it still didn’t explain what he was doing here.

Generally speaking, Kōenji wasn’t the kind of person to spend his time hanging around in a place like this.

“Let’s go.”

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Hirata walked to the elevator and reached out to press the call button.

Thereupon, Kōenji abruptly spoke up from behind us.

“Well, you’d better be doing your best to muster up the wisdom to make it through this exam.”

“…You never change, do you, Kōenji-kun?”

Hirata asked, Kōenji’s attitude seeming to weigh on his mind a little.

Hirata’s finger had stopped just short of pressing the button.

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“There’s no reason for me to change for an exam like this.”

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“Is that really true?”

It was rare to see Hirata getting worked up like this.

He turned around and faced Kōenji. Of course, he still didn’t glare at him.

Hirata was always calm and composed, until the very end.

“You say there’s no reason for you to change, but honestly, I’m wondering if you’re the one who needs to change more than anyone. I’m worried that… our classmates might single you out and make an example of you.”

This was both Hirata’s way of showing concern and making a threat.

They were words that strongly conveyed his desire for cooperation.