What is the most profitable online in 2019

What is the most profitable online in 2019

If he continued to wait, he might miss the golden opportunity. If this big boss suddenly decided to sell the internet cafe to someone else, wouldn’t that be Li Shi’s loss?

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Thinking of this, Li Shi arranged his collar as he stood up to head outside and make a phone call.

As an investment firm’s boss, Li Shi couldn’t approach Pei Qian directly. This might seem hasty and a little childish.

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He was going to ask his subordinates to initiate a commercial arrangement, to express his desire to invest in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Next, he would choose an appropriate venue for discussions. This would be more appropriate and logical.

In fact, most of Li Shi’s investment projects had come knocking at his door.

Entrepreneurs of all types of companies would bring detailed stacks of information and find Li Shi, requesting for him to invest in their projects. However, Li Shi would skim through them and get rid of most proposals, only keeping a small number he was really satisfied with.

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Businesses like Fish-Catching Internet Cafe were considered exceptions.

Li Shi lit a cigarette quietly outside Fish-Catching Internet Cafe as he waited for his subordinate’s good news.

Pei Qian saw his scrawly handwriting in his notebook as he did a rough calculation. It seemed as if creating a loss of two to three hundred thousand was still feasible. The premise was there couldn’t be anyone pulling any stunts last minute. If yet another unexpected source of funds entered his accounts, that would be very bad.

After calculating, Pei Qian breathed easy. He hadn’t been so busy this period for nothing; he could see victory in sight!

He had just relaxed when his phone rang.

Pei Qian took a look. It was from Assistant Xin. “Boss Pei, Fu Hui Investments had just approached us. They were hoping to invest…”

Pei Qian, “Reject them.”