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…Even so, it’s not like I can just ignore Chiaki having a hard time walking.

After I sighed, Chiaki showed a slightly apologetic and bitter smile.

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“I-I’m sorry, Keita. I don’t think this pair of straw shoes are designed to be stable. …Ah, even though Konoha picked this, I don’t believe that this is a mistake she’ll make. Sheesh.”

I knew it the moment I heard that.

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“No, that’s actually the perfect choice of Konoha-san. Jeez, that girl…”

“Hmm? Keita?”

This onee-san doesn’t know anything.

(I’m already confident of this during Christmas. Konoha-san’s definitely trying to pair Chiaki and me together. Also, she used some impressive wit to achieve that.)

…Seriously, what’s wrong with that girl? How can she control someone this easily? The talented Hekiyou High School student council president is way too scary when she’s serious.

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However, this way, it’s pretty suspicious when Kousei and Konoha-san both disappeared right now. Ay, even though I think Kousei was only dragged along by her. Sheesh. …Don’t pull my perfect little brother into your baffling plans, please.

I took a sigh. Then, I told my prediction to Chiaki, who’s literally cuddling me while holding my hand.

“Chiaki. Honestly, …I don’t think we can find those two even if we tried.”

“Eh, really? Why?”


Crap, it’s hard to skip Konoha-san’s plans if I want to explain it. W-What should I do? If only I can convey the current situation to Chiaki…

“Uh, …how should I put it…? I should say, right now, we have to wait for the trigger of the next plot…”

“Ah, it’s often like that when you’re imprisoned in an RPG.”

I think Chiaki got it. She’s so reliable. We totally shared the same view on gaming!

I continued.