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“Upupu, ough, bare it...geh.... hah, hah...”

I was hit in the belly, so I couldn’t help spitting out some stomach content.

My eyes are starting to flicker, and I don’t really understand how blood got into my eyes in the first place.... Somehow ... if I’m left as it is, I might die without doing anything....

“...... jeez.... all the same...... hey! Hey, listen! Even now...... is reaching my hand out to you still no good!?”

My feet are trembling so that I can’t use the steps.

Dynamic visual acuity is of no use in my current condition.

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I don’t have the power to punch anymore.

It is impossible to thrust out my head.

My heart jostles, shake and squeeze over and over....

“Ah, really... when friends fight this much... it’s awful.... I never knew...... I..... didn’t have a lot of friends.”

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All I can do is to get up again at least.

As I leaned on a tree, I felt whiplash as my feet trembled like a newborn faun’s, but still clenched my teeth and stood again.