Is the online mobile phone make money reliable?

Is the online mobile phone make money reliable?

However, while the project itself was not profitable, it could be linked with Tengda’s profitable projects! Wouldn’t it be enough just to make money together?

Anyway, it would be profitable for Boss Pei no matter which department made money!

Everyone was one unified body!

Chang You gathered all the information and began to further optimize the details of the artificial intelligence voice assistant AEEIS after seeing Yu Pingan off.

One of the very important points was the voice of AEEIS.

Chang You had not been able to fully finalize the voice details of AEEIS.

Boss Pei had made the requirements for the voice of AEEIS clear: that it had no emotion and had a neutral mechanical voice.

However, there were also many types of mechanical sounds, and different types of mechanical sounds gave a world of difference to people listening to them.

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There were actually many levels, from pure mechanical sounds to natural human sounds.

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The pure mechanical sounds were the sounds of robots in some old movies. They sounded a little dull, hollow, without any tone at all, and they had obvious interruptions between words.

Currently, most intelligent voice assistants are working hard to move closer to the pure human voice and make the dialogue more natural through a large number of voice recordings.

Chang You was only able to roughly determine that the AEEIS voice should be somewhere between these two voices, but the specific extent to which it should be done was not yet finalized.

Pure mechanical sound could well highlight the artificial intelligence attributes of AEEIS, but it might be inconvenient for users to use it. After all, pure mechanical sounds were laborious to listen to. It wasn’t easy to hear clearly and did not meet the AEEIS ‘easy to use’ and ‘efficient’ characteristics.

Therefore, the focus of AEEIS voice this time was to be as efficient and easy to use as possible on the premise of highlighting the characteristics of the personality, without affecting the user experience.

If someone was to consider the slightly poisonous tongue attribute of AEEIS, they could continue to add more features, such as speeding up its speech when they spat out the poison—which could highlight the attribute of ‘quick thinking’.

Of course, the specific tone to be used requires the staff to slowly adjust to it. There might be many kinds of plans, which would be finally decided by Chang You.

On the other hand, Chang You provided all these requirements to the staff and asked them to work hard in this direction.

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