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taking money out of tax free savings account

The number of times I've lost would be in the three digits by now. Even if we're just talking about Ayanokouji, yesterday wouldn't be my first loss.

But what makes this so different?

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Early in the morning at 8, I stepped outside with the intent of heading to school.

Although today's the first day of our winter holidays, the school is still perfectly open for the sake of club activities.

Normally, the rules state that wearing a uniform is mandatory when entering the school building but there's no need for me to abide anymore.

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Morning practice for the clubs will start around 7 o'clock. And because Keyaki Mall will only open at 10 o'clock, I should pretty much be the only student heading towards school.


In the middle of the road leading up to the school, a lone student stood while trembling from the cold.

I ignored her and kept going but when I passed by her, she spoke to me.

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"You finally came".

I heard her out and kept walking.

"Hey, hold it right there".

She panickedly ran after me and grabbed my shoulder.

"Huh? What the hell are you doing? Don't go around casually touching me".

"I don't want to touch you either. You gave me your phone, didn't you? I just came here to give it back".

Saying that, red-nosed Ibuki thrust the phone towards me.

"You could've done it some other time. How long have you been waiting?".