Can I sell cultural classes?

Can I sell cultural classes?

“Ugh! You’re so nice, Sakura! Really, you’re too greedy, carrying a lot of them all alone Ayanokouji. Look, I will carry half for you so lend me some.”

With that, firstly he grabbed and retrieved about half of the amount. Even if Sakura refused, it seemed like a two-stage strategy to be able to appeal to her gentleness. Yamauchi, who looked satisfied, walked off in high spirits.

Such an adventure happened on the way back.

There was a girl sitting with her back on a large tree who seemed to have been left behind. She wasn’t a D class student. When she realized our presence, she turned her eyes to us only once and then she completely averted her gaze like she had immediately lost interest.

Because another class left her to fend for herself, I immediately understood that the situation of the girl was not a trivial matter. On her cheek, there was a red swelling mark. I knew at first glance that was a sign of a slap, like it was struck by someone. One given with a great force too. When Yamauchi tried to rush to the girl, unconsciously I grabbed his shoulder.

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“What is it?”

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“Ah, No..I’m sorry. It’s nothing”

Now, when I tried to say something, when I tried to say it was an unnecessary thing to do, at the last minute… I just restrained myself.

“Hey. What’s wrong, are you okay?”

Yamauchi couldn’t leave the injured girl alone and he wanted to take the initiative to call out to her. But…..

“Leave me alone. It’s nothing.”

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“Oh, it’s nothing?……..It doesn’t seem so. Who did this to you? Should I call a teacher?”

From the state of the swelling, it was easy to see how she was accompanied by considerable pain.