Is there any money on the Internet without deposit?

Is there any money on the Internet without deposit?

He just had to make the poster look passable.

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The contents of the poster were finalized after Meng Chang pondered and understood a lot of relevant knowledge.

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The results of the works in the inspiration class were not good.

It was ranked in the top 20 of the entire station, ranked in the top five of the zones and had a total recommendation by only 300,000 readers... This was not considered outstanding data even within Zhongdian Chinese Network. Instead, it looked very shabby.

Those who did not read online literature might think that the figures were not bad, but as long as they had a deeper understanding of online literature, they would know that the figures were quite bad.

Thus, it played a role in bragging and criticizing.

The most important thing was that everyone would think that the person who made this publicity plan “did not understand the online literature industry” and was an outsider. They would not think that he deliberately messed up this publicity plan.

Meng Chang would have achieved his goal that way.

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Meng Chang had put in a lot of effort in order to guard against leaks. He disguised himself during the research and went to Zhongdian Chinese Network in secret without being seen by anyone. He also secretly made the plan at home. He did not ask Zhongdian Chinese Network for internal data. Instead, he went to Zhongdian Chinese Network’s application to collect data that was available for everyone.

Even the publicity poster was personally photoshopped by Meng Chang.

Meng Chang would hand this poster to the people from the advertising and marketing department directly when he returned to work on Monday. He would ask them to immediately hang this poster on public transport stations, subway stations, and websites in some cities.

That way, it would be too late to change their publicity plan even if the advertising and marketing department had spies planted by Boss Pei. In fact, it would be much harder for Boss Pei to secretly interfere!