What medicine to sell online

What medicine to sell online

“You’re really not supposed to do this. Although I’m the same as the erotic girl, you’re literally stalking someone right now. This hobby is way too disgusting, creepy stalker senpai.”

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“Hey, Kousei! Ah, …even though I don’t like how this guy said it. But, Tendou-senpai, actually, I can’t see any benefits from you continue watching them. No matter how things turned out, I think every possible future only involves senpai getting hurt…”

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What they said was incredibly reasonable. Usually, I wouldn’t be able to retort.

However, …even so, I still don’t want to back down.

“Indeed, there’s no benefit to watch those two being so close to each other. I got that. But…”

My eyes are overflowing with determination as I looked at them

“Right now, …I don’t want to escape from those two’s sincere feelings.”


Both of them fell silent after hearing what I said. …Then, …Kousei actually backed down first. He kept scratching the back of his head, which kind of looks like what Amano-kun would do.

“…I see. This isn’t a bad thing. …It means that you made up your mind, right. You’re willing to quit as long as you confirmed that they loved each other. Am I right?”


“Well, …yep, this isn’t a bad thing for onii-san and Chiaki-senpai.”

Kousei nodded before glancing at Konoha-san.

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As for Konoha-san, …for some reason, she’s giving me a sorrowful look.

“…Sheesh, …I can’t believe you’re willing to quit this easily. …You’ll quickly regret making a promise like this later. …I already knew the consequence…”

“Hmm? Konoha-san?”