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Aguri-san and I looked at each other and sighed helplessly.

…Around 5 minutes after Chiaki’s intrusion, she finished listening to our explanation of this meeting. When she understood the situation, her anger disappeared quickly and entirely reverted to that…embarrassed Ms. Chiaki Hoshinomori mode, which is the same as me.

She still lowered her head and explained before grabbing her drink.

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“No, well, …our parents aren’t home today. So, Konoha and I came to the family restaurant for dinner…However, when I witnessed the moment that you two are talking to each other intimately, my mind replayed that scene a couple days ago. My anger flared up…Once I realized, I’m already sitting next to Keita…”

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To us, her explanation seems a little vague.

“If it was Tendou-san, it’s reasonable for her to burst into here like that since she’s my girlfriend…But why did Chiaki got angry at times like that…”

That sounds like she’s falling in love with me. Hmph, this isn’t a rom-com, anyway.

If that’s the case, hmm, is it because of rage? For example, Chiaki thinks that Aguri-san and I have our own lovers. This is too despicable…Is she even that serious towards love? But I guess Chiaki is slightly interested in Uehara-kun…Hmm…

…It’s kind of unrealistic, no matter how you think of it. Even so, Aguri-san and I have no interest in bullying Chiaki anymore.

Aguri-san spoke up, signaling that she’s trying to smooth things over.

“Y-Yeah, I’m already alone with Amanocchi only a couple days after that. This feels not right. We’ll admit that. However, that’s the reason why we picked another family restaurant…”

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She said that and glanced outside the window.

“…By the way, even if this counts as downtown, it’s still more or less quite close to Hoshinomori-san’s home…”

“Yeah, …I’m sorry. Although it’s not like a couple steps away, our family will get dinner here based on its taste and price…I’m really sorry…”

“No, there’s nothing you need to apologize for…”

Aguri-san gave me an awkward look and signal me to think of a way to get out of this…W-Why do you have to ask me…

“…C-Chiaki, what games are you playing recently?”